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Easter and Passover Menu 2017

Small Rabbit,
Small Chicken and Nests

Rabbit and Nest: dark chocolate mousse, chocolate icing, almond cream

Chicken: white chocolate mousse, white chocolate icing, almond cream

Each: $1.75/each

Petit Fours and
French Macaroons

Rabbit: dark chocolate mousse, chocolate icing

Petit Fours:
Each: $1.75/each
Box of 15, mixed: $24.50

french Macaroons:
Each: $1.45/each
Box of 18, mixed: $24.50

Mousse Egg

Dark & White Chocolate: yellow and chocolate cake, dark and white chocolate mousse

Dark Chocolate: chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse

8"/$36.00 (serves 10)

Easter Eggs

real egg shells filled with chocolate truffle

Each: $4.75, or $5.75 in box

ORDER EARLY. These sell out fast.

Mocha Dacquoise

whipping cream, almond flour, eggs, sugar, coffee

8"/$38.00 (serves 10)
10"/$49.00 (serves 12)

Easter Bread

(with a red egg*)
bread flour, butter, milk, eggs, yeast, salt, sugar, maxlepi

*Egg is for decoration only – not recommended for eating.

$6.00, 3/4 Lb.
$17.00, 2 Lbs.
$22.00, 3 Lbs.

Merengue Tart

egg whites, sugar, dark chocolate mousse, raspberries, chocolate shavings

$4.25/each for individual,
8"/$24.00 (serves 10);
10"/$30.00 (serves 12-15)

Merengue Cookies

meringue (egg whites, sugar) whipping cream


Amaretti Cookies

meringue (egg whites, sugar) whipping cream





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